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Mesotherapy Injection Gun USA

  • Benefit specific dose for each treatment, lithium battery, luer lock adapter, colored lcd, protective cover
  • Indications mesotherapy, PRP, botulinum injection
  • Lenght from 1 to 13 mm
  • Syringe 1, 2.5, 5, 10cc


Buy Mesotherapy Injection Gun


a single injection (spot)
burst injection (very fast, 3 injections
per second) continuous injection (no stop)


pico dose (0.007 -> 0.05) micro doses (0.013 -> 0.10) macro doses (0.025 -> 0.15)
Penetration / depth: from 1mm to 13mm Syringe seat – (mL): 1; 2.5; 5; 10 Needles: 4mm; 6mm; 13mm.

SMT – Step Motor Technology

Extreme precision during the injection and the output of the product and during the extraction of the needle from the skin. Thanks to these features SMT is also used on medical devices in Oncology and Intensive Therapy.


Automatic functions

  • Automatic turn off of device after few minutes without manual use.
  • Automatic adjustment of penetration depth.
  • Automatic detection of the empty syringe and recalling.


  • Syringe size
  • Needle size
  • Penetration depth
  • Injected dose (Pico, Micro, Macro) Injection mode
  • Injection frequency
  • Permanence of the needle into the skin

Leadergun has logical memory! The integrated software is designed to avoid any risk of error by the operator.

LCD Colour Screen 1,5”
Brightness and Contrast’ s Adjustment

Syringe Cover

To avoid eventual touch of the syringe during the treatment.
The cover and the backside of Leadergun have a magnet on its top, which allow the cover’s blockage if it’s turned upside down during treatment.
(According to MD Certificates’ Safety Regulations.)

Five preset programs

  • Grow (anti-aging)
  • Lipo (cellulite)
  • Stretch (stretch-marks)
  • PRP
  • Botulinum

Handle Design

Leadergun’s handle has been designed to fit all ergonomics standars.
The special TPE material which wraps the handle, allows a perfect grip and a better handling during the treatment.


All the components in Leadergun are equally balanced and respond to Ergonomics MSI Requirements


  • Lithium Ion 2200 mAh 7,4 V Autonomy : 36 hours
  • Charge time : 2 hours Max
  • Battery level of charge on LCD Screen

Power supply

Universal AC input/ Full range, INPUT: 100 – 240 VAC – 50/60 Mz – 0,8 A

The only one with anti-leakage system and several doses for each different treatment [CE0476].

The unique fully automatic injector for: botulinum, PRP and mesotherapy 100% Made in Italy.

  • Specific dose for each treatment: botulinum, PRP, cellulite, anti-aging, stretch-marks.
  • Exclusive anti-drop system to avoid to lose drug/medicine.
  • Five pre-set programs and 9 to save in memory.
  • Lithium battery.
  • Color screen with interactive software by icons (as smartphone).
  • Three different injections mode: single (Spot), multiple (Burst), continue (Stretch-marks).
  • Injection’s depth: from 1 to 13 mm.
  • Ergonomic design to reduce the hand’s stress.
  • Manufacture by Bayblend, with luxury finiture, protection cover in according at the latest regolation.
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Engineering and manufactured in Italy.

Available in black or white version


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