Buy Prostrolane Blanc B (1x2ml)


Prostrolane Blanc B (1x2ml)

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Prostrolane Inner-B 1x2ml acts detoxifying and smoothing, tightens the skin, making it firmer and more elastic. It also strengthens the skin’s elasticity and improves its condition.


Buy Prostrolane Blanc B (1x2ml)

Prostrolane Blanc-B is a peptide regulator of melanogenesis with a pronounced depigmenting, revitalizing and filling effect. Prostrolane Blanc-B inhibits the interaction of receptors with melanocyte stimulating hormone, as well as tyrosinase activity. Reduces the activity of melanosomes moving along the processes of melanocytes to keratinocytes, which provides a pronounced lightening of age spots.

  •     Bright effect

It is achieved due to the peptide regulation of the melanogenesis process at its main stages. Strengthening the walls of blood vessels and activating neoangiogenesis potentiate the effect of radiant skin.

  •     Face lift effect

It is provided by increasing the synthetic and proliferative activity of skin cells, restoring the extracellular matrix, as well as technologies and injection techniques developed for this drug.

  •     Nature effect

The filling properties of the preparation allow you to gently fill in wrinkles, correct shadow zones, creating naturally beautiful young facial features.

Composition of the preparation:

  1.    Stabilized HA 0.7% molecular weight – 1.0 ~ 1.3 MDa (Stabilizing agents: NTS (patented stabilization technology), BDDE (less than 2 ppm) – provides filling effect, keeps peptides in a single structure.
  2.     Biomimetic peptides:
  •         Feruloyl Oligopeptide-33 – regulates melanogenesis, the process of transferring melanosomes to keratinocyte, inhibits the synthesis of tyrosinase.
  •         Valprooyl Oligopeptide-33 – regulates melanogenesis, the process of transfer of melanosomes to keratinocyte, inhibits the synthesis of tyrosinase.
  •         Ocatapeptide-11 – stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts, enhances collagen synthesis.
  •         Oligopeptide-92 – stimulates the proliferation and migration of fibroblasts, keratinocytes. Inhibits the activity of osteoclast division, prevents bone resorption.

How does Prostrolane Blanc B (1x2ml) Work?

  •     pigment spots of various origins and localization;
  •     dull unhealthy complexion;
  •     symptom complex “smoker’s skin”;
  •     increased fragility of the walls of blood vessels (rosacea);
  •     thinning and flabbiness of the skin;
  •     dark circles around the eyes, pronounced nasolacrimal groove;
  •     photodamage to the skin in the décolleté area;
  •     age spots on the forearms and the back of the hands.


What is Prostrolane Blanc B (1x2ml)?

The injection techniques are used: cannula, microbolus, linear, microinjection without papule formation.

Prostrolane Prostrolane Blanc B (1x2ml) treatments

2 procedures with an interval of 2 weeks

Where to buy Prostrolane Blanc B (1x2ml)?

The interval between courses of procedures is selected individually, taking into account the characteristics of the patient.


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