Buy Singfiller Derm (1x2ml) Online


Singfiller Derm (1x2ml)

Singfiller is BDDE-cross-linked HA Filler which is colourless, transparent, viscous, sterile non-pyrogenic injection. This third generation product is reticulated and obtained via bio-fermentation technology.

Singfiller is developed with cutting-edge technology, guaranteed for purity, safety and long-lasting effect



Buy Singfiller Derm (1x2ml) Online

Singfiller is a cross-linked sodium hyaluronate HA gel intended for facial tissue augmentation. It is recommended to be used for the correction of wrinkles and lip enhancement after accidents and trauma. It comes with CE 1023 Certification in three different options for different facial areas


Particle size HA 0.15 – 0.28 mm
wrinkles of concern
naso-labial FOLDS
perioral LINES
Performance: Singfiller derma is a reabsorbable product that is absorbed for up to 9 months.
FORMAT AND PACKAGING: 2ml pre-packaged in a sterile container
DURATION AND STORAGE: 2 years from the date of production, store at a temperature below 30 ° C, protect against frost and sunlight.


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