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Synvisc Classic

SYNVISC can be used to effectively treat osteoarthritis knee joint pain where the existing lubricant is not enough to act as a barrier during knee movements.


Buy Synvisc Classic Online

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis to plague the average individual. In just the US, over 10 million people have osteoarthritis in at least one of their knees. Consequently, there are many people looking at treatment options for this illness. The most promising way to treat osteoarthritis is to buy Synvisc Classic online.

What is Synvisc Classic?

Osteoarthritis occurs when the synovial fluid, the fluid lubricating the connecting bones in the knee, is worn away and loses its shock-muffling capabilities. The consequence of this loss is reduced mobility, stiffness, discomfort, and pain. However, those who buy Synvisc Classic online will have the capability to replace the fluid in the knee, allowing it to regain most of its average function.

Physicians who buy Synvisc Classic online should inject the product directly into the knee joint. Synvisc Classic is administered in a series of three injections over a three week period.

How does Synvisc Classic work?

Common side effects experienced by those who buy Synvisc Classic are mild swelling and pain. In order to reduce the discomfort of these side effects it is recommended that the patient apply ice to the area. Resting the joint for at least 48 hours after each injection is also recommended. This means that a patient who decides to buy Synvisc Classic should not run, engage in strenuous activity, or participate in sports during the recovery time. Standing for longer than one hour periods is also discouraged.

What are the associated side effects with Synvisc Classic?

With SYNVISC being administered into the knee joint, and not into the blood, there is much less likely to be any side effects. However, swelling, pain and excess fluid were reported in 7% patients. Rash and Hives have also been reported in some cases.

When will I see results with Synvisc Classic?

Results can be felt immediately. However, at least 3 injections are required to feel the full optimum effects of the treatment. With each individual case being different, many patients start to see pain relief after 2 months after the initial injection. Long term relief following all three injections can last half a year. The advantages are that Synvisc can be repeatedly used following the advice of a medical professional.


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