Fillerina Bio-Revitalizing 932 Grade 3


Fillerina Bio-Revitalizing 932 Grade 3

Replenishing Effect with 9 Hyaluronic Acids give plumping action. · Super Density Effect with 3 Collagens which adds firmness to the skin.


Fillerina Bio-Revitalizing 932 Grade 3

9 Hyaluronic Acid variants smooth, plump and replenish.

3 Collagen variants add firmness.

2 Elastins add flexibility and elasticity.

2 Nucleic Acids, 11 Vitamins, 20 Amino Acids, and 6 Trace Elements strengthen the structure of the skin and stimulate cell repair.

Directions of use:

Clean the skin with Pre Fillerina Cleansing Cream. Using the applicator, draw up 2ml of the Replenishing Gel and apply to wrinkles, cheeks and lips.

Allow to absorb for 10 minutes, distribute any surplus gel over the whole face and neck and allow to absorb for another 5-10 minutes.

You may need to apply 1/2 an applicator more at this time.

Apply 2 ml of the Nourishing Film by patting in all over the face and neck. Repeat nightly for 14 nights. Use until product is gone.

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