Fillerina Lip Volume – Grade 3 (1x5ml)


Fillerina Lip Volume – Grade 3 (1x5ml)

Fillerina 932 Lips and Mouth Grade 5 is an enhanced anti-aging gel with a new applicator that effectively smooths out lines forming around the mouth and gives definition back to the lip line.*


Fillerina Lip Volume – Grade 3 (1x5ml)

Fillerina Lips and Mouth Grade 5 (5ml) is a dermo-cosmetic filler gel which plumps the lips and fills in lines around the mouth. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen of varying molecular weights and structures, it stimulates an increase in lip volume and remodels the lip contour. It is packaged in a brush-tip applicator which enables uniform, comfortable application.

This Grade 5 variant has been formulated to treat lips with severe thinning, irregular texture and deep wrinkles.

How does Fillerina Lip Volume – Grade 3 (1x5ml) work?

  • Using the shaped applicator tip, dispense a generous amount of gel and spread over the outer area of the right eye and on the eyelid.
  • Gently massage with the shapd tip until fully-absorbed.
  • Repeat several times throughout the day as required.

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