Fillerina Neck and Cleavage Treatment – Grade 4


Fillerina Neck and Cleavage Treatment – Grade 4

Fillerina Neck and Cleavage is a dermo-cosmetic filler treatment for at-home use that has been formulated in 2 different increasing concentrations of 8 Hyaluronic Acids and 3 molecules of Collagen to be chosen according to the wrinkles and furrows of neck and cleavage and to the skin sagging conditions.


Fillerina Neck and Cleavage Treatment – Grade 4

Diminish the appearance of wrinkles, furrows and visible sagging of the décolleté area with the Fillerina Neck and Cleavage Treatment Grade 4; a replenishing gel preparation that targets the thin, quick-to-age skin of your neck and cleavage area by filling and compacting indentations for an even texture.

Infused with a buoyant, lifting cocktail of eight Hyaluronic Acid and three Collagen molecules, Fillerina’s innovative anti-aging treatment works to lift, smooth and tighten, promoting firmness and mimicking the effects of doctor’s plumping injectables but without the needles. The mixture of molecules (all in varying molecular weights) is calibrated to adapt to the skin and optimize absorption, whilst replenishing and delivering a redensifying effect. Applied onto skin with a truncated tipped-syringe, the topical treatment offers targeted delivery to perform precisely on specific problem areas.

How does Fillerina Neck and Cleavage Treatment – Grade 4 work?

Apply in the evening for 14 consecutive days. Open the gel bottle by removing the metal seal and rubber cap. By means of the specific olive-shaped tip applicator, draw up and apply 1ml of gel on the neck, followed by 1ml on the cleavage by releasing it accurately into the wrinkles and furrows. Leave for 10 minutes, then with the palm of your hand, pat gently the remaining product to complete the application without rubbing. Follow with 2ml of Nourishing Film to be applied on neck and cleavage and massage gently until complete absorption.

Tip : Cleanse neck and cleavage area before application and drink two glasses of water to facilitate the deep absorption of the active molecules. Applications should be repeated every 2-3 months.


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