Fillmed Bright-booster 3x10ml


Fillmed Bright-booster 3x10ml

FILLMED Bright Booster is a highly intensive serum, specially developed to treat hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. The serum stimulates cell renewal, which enhances and creates a brighter and more even skin tone.


Fillmed Bright-booster 3x10ml

Boasting 10% glycolic acid and 2.5% phytic acid, the powerful Bright-Booster works to exfoliate skin and enhance its luminosity. Fillmed Bright-booster 3x10ml

Expertly developed, this advanced serum from FILLMED LABORATOIRES reduces and prevents the appearance of pigmentation spots.

Includes 3 bottles for a 30-day intense treatment (10 days per bottle).


+40.7% Consistency of complexion*

92% More luminous skin**

84% Brightening effect**

Active Ingredients

1% Hexylresorcinol, 2,5% Phytic Acid, 10% Glycolic Acid

*Instrument-based study on 13 subjects. Score obtained from the cheek region after nine weeks.

(8) **Self-assessment – percentage consumer satisfaction – 13 volunteers – average age 56.4 years old – application of the Bright-Booster product in the evenings for nine weeks (twice weekly in the first week and then 3 applications in subsequent weeks). The product SKIN PERFUSION cream can be combined in the evenings. The same cream was applied by the subjects in the mornings. Results after six weeks.


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