How To Get Rid of A Skin Hangover

Skin feeling a little hungover?

Some days you may feel your skin looks it’s ultimate best and then other days, you may wonder why does it look so dull?

We have a number of skin-care tips and tricks for your face, especially when it’s feeling puffy, dehydrated, blotchy and dull. Hitting the cold tap on your shower may work wonders to invigorate some life into your dull pores, but so could a hot-yoga session. Everyone’s version of the skin reset button is different, but if you still haven’t found your technique, here’s a few ideas to help you.

Turn on the Icy Cold Shower

Waking up with cold water has been an old ancient remedy that many vouch for. It can wake your skin up like nothing else ever before. It’s definitely challenging to stand in a cold shower, but it’s free, (unless you’re on a meter!)

What’s more, the dry brush, we’ve mentioned in a previous article is becoming increasingly popular with the cold water technique.

Brighten & Moisturise!

BCN’s pure, non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid is a highly-effective skin moisturising agent.

It’s particular ability to attract and bind water molecules serves to moisturize the skin and maintain the elasticity of dermal and epidermal tissues. When applied to the skin, hyaluronic acid forms a viscoelastic film, replicating its natural function of retaining water in the intercellular matrix of dermal connective tissues. This makes Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Ageing Solution an ideal moisture base, facilitating the delivery of other agents to the skin. An interesting solution for mesotherapy treatments recommended for treating wrinkled, tired, sun-damaged and dried-out skin.

Plump and Boost with Moisturiser!

Get your skin back into shape with  Sesderma Mandelac Gel Hidratante . This gel provides hydration and care for photo-aged skin spots caused by sun exposure and pregnancy. The lightweight formula is suitable for all skin types including oily and sensitive skin. Especially formulated for acne-prone skin due to its antimicrobial activity and liposomes possessing anti-ageing properties.

Mandelic Acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid, ensures slow penetration for the skin ensuring irritation is not caused.

Cool, Firm, Refresh With A Face Mask

The  Green Tea Mask contains many ingredients known for their anti-oxidant and soothing effects as well as skin-regenerating properties. The Green Tea Mask replenishes your skin with vitamins, soothes irritations and provides protection against harmful environmental influences. Use the Green Tea Mask to provide optimal care for your skin and ensure a healthy, even complexion.

And Glow!

With Glowing Powder Pack!

Luminous or Glowing Powder additive utilises active ingredient ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to prevent oxidative damage whilst boosting collagen synthesis, skin moisture and smoothness. Glowing helps prevents the formation of free radicals and reduces wrinkles. With its photo-protective action, it lightens the skin by inhibiting melanin synthesis in the melanocytes.

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