BCN Capillum Peptides 8085 5x5ml


BCN Capillum Peptides 8085 5x5ml

Hair Loss treatment that acts on different levels of the hair growth cycle to prevent hair loss and promote a healthy and redensified growth.


BCN Capillum Peptides 8085 5x5ml

It is a sterile solution based on a combination of three groups of active ingredients for the treatment of hormonal type alopecia (androgenetic) or caused by other internal or external factors such as nutritional deficiencies and/or stress. It is a rejuvenating hair treatment and excellent coadjuvant of other medical aesthetic solutions for this indication. BCN Capillum Peptides 8085 5x5ml

What is BCN Capillum Peptides?

Its exclusive composition includes new generation peptides that through cell engineering, emit biomodulating protein signals to regulate the elements expression involved in the whole cycle of hair growth. These peptides, in synergy with other specific active principles, regenerate and reinforce the extracellular matrix (ECM) and the dermal papilla, act over the dihydrotestosterone synthesis, increase microcirculation, nutrition and oxygenation, lengthen the anagen phase and avoiding the follicle miniaturisation.

BCN Capillum-Peptides formula is completed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and hyaluronic acid, among others for a global scalp care as, which improve hair appearance and provide a more voluminous and healthier hair.


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