Fillerina 12 HA Night Cream Grade 3 – 50ml


Fillerina 12 HA Night Cream Grade 3 – 50ml



Fillerina 12 HA Night Cream Grade 3 – 50ml

Fillerina Night Cream Grade 3 eradicates all deep-set wrinkles and expression lines while you sleep.

Developed to mirror the effects of the Dermo-Cosmetic Replenishing Treatment Grade 3, Night Cream Grade 3 recovers the skin’s former plumpness and ‘plumps up’ deep set wrinkles. Incredibly gentle to the skin yet powerfully effective, this revolutionary anti-ageing night cream provides magnificent moisturizing hydration whilst simultaneously reducing the appearance of facial creases.

Target expression lines and more with Fillerina Night Cream Grade 3.

Night Cream Grade 3 combats the signs of ageing with skin-nourishing ingredients like Shea Butter and Wheat Germ Oil, whilst a blend of Sweet Almond Oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil and Antioxidant rich Vitamin E corrects the damage that occurs to the skin in everyday life. Six Hyaluronic Acids make up 30% of this cream, filling in fine lines and encouraging smoother, firmer skin. With exfoliating components like Salicylic Acid, Night Cream Grade 2 guarantees to correct all deep-set wrinkles whilst caring for the rest of the complexion.


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