Fillerina Bio-Revitalizing 932 Grade 4


Fillerina Bio-Revitalizing 932 Grade 4

Grade 4 is designed for those with deep wrinkles or expression lines, targeting the appearance of aged skin.


Fillerina Bio-Revitalizing 932 Grade 4

This two-week treatment comes with everything needed to undo visible wrinkles and fine lines. Built into this treatment is hyaluronic acid for hydration, which fills in lines and keeps skin from getting parched. This is combined with collagen and elastin, both of which work within the supporting structure of skin to restore texture and firmness. There are also 11 different vitamins, including vitamin A, B, C and E. Together, these nutrients bring life back to a complexion, brightening and rejuvenating for a youthful radiance.

Set includes:

Bring out vibrant, plumped skin with the Fillerina 932 Bio-Revitalizing Treatment Grade 4.

How does Fillerina Bio-Revitalizing 932 Grade 4 work?

Clean the skin with Pre-Fillerina Skin Preparatory Cleanser. Use the applicator to draw up 2 ml of the step 1 gel. Apply to wrinkles, cheeks and lips. Let absorb for 10 minutes, spread the unabsorbed gel on the whole face and neck and let absorb for another 5-10 minutes. You may need to apply 1/2 an applicator more at this time. Apply 2 ml of the step 2 cream by patting in all over the face and neck. Repeat nightly for 14 nights. Use until product is gone. Repeat every 3-4 months.


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