Buy Cutegel S (1×0.7ml) Online


Order Cutegel S (1×0.7ml) Online


Cutegel S relies on crosslinking agent BDDE, nucleic acids and pyrogenic agents. Completely safe, viscoelastic and homogeneous, as well as being easy to apply.



Buy Cutegel S (1×0.7ml) Online

Cutegel S (1×0.7ml) buy online is a range of high-quality filler based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Adapted to the needs and physiology of the skin, it allows to perform a full spectrum of treatments for the volumetry mesotherapy. All formulations contain in the range CUTEGEL 3D cross-linked hyaluronic acid. CUTEGEL production technology is protected by international patents.

Pristine – completely free (below detection limit of the content on) a crosslinking agent BDDE, nucleic acids and pyrogenic agents. Safe – examination by world-class institutes and hospitals (min. University Hospital Guro). Ideally, viscoelastic and homogeneous – easy to apply and flexible in tissue. Stable and durable – highly resistant to biodegradation as demonstrated by tests (min. Hyaluronidase resistance test, measurement scale CSF and GAIS). Comfortable and natural – injury in a tissue image natural hyaluronic acid and the osmolarity is similar to saline. CUTEGEL hyaluronic acid is completely nieodzwierzęcego. This increases safety and receding risk of allergic reactions.

What is Cutegel S (1×0.7ml)?

To ensure maximum safety inch product range has been acquired clinical trials satisfying the requirements for medical implants. Conducted 5 years clinical studies have shown that CUTEGEL is a product of qualification: the implant-prosthesis. The entire product range has the highest CUTEGEL safety certificate KFDA 4. The entire product range and factory are certified CE and ISO.

All over the world made more than 1 500 000 treatments using CUTEGEL. There were no allergic reactions.

CUTEGEL S is a filler in the form of a sterile gel comprising physiological crystal clear – devoid of cross-linking agent BDDE cross-linked hyaluronic acid. The product is packed in sterile form of a pre-filled syringe provided with two needles UTA. UTA needle has a greater bandwidth, which increases the fluidity of injection and allows for a reduction in pressure on the piston 35% normally used.


Volume: 0.7 ml

Hyaluronic Acid 20 mg / g

phosphate solution pH 7 qs / g

Particle size: 200-300 m

UTA needle: 30G

depth of injection: top and lower layers of the skin

How does Cutegel S (1×0.7ml) work?

CUTEGEL S is a multi wysokoelastycznym stable filler intended to bridge the signs of aging of the skin, dedicated to the delicate and sensitive eye and mouth area. Ideal for bridging shallow wrinkles around the eyes and mouth (ie. Crow’s feet, smoker’s lines, etc.) and refresh vermilion. Thanks to the flexibility and stability of the formulation CUTEGEL S can be used for correction of the orbit and the valley of tears. The results obtained during the treatment persist about 12 months *.


Due to the possibility of transferring a contraindication is to perform injection at the site of the skin such as inflammatory foci. Acne, cold sores, etc. There is desirable to perform the injection of hyaluronic acid in the close interval treatment using a laser, radio waves, peeling, and medical devices. Patients with unstable diabetes, active cancer and autoimmune diseases should refrain from performing procedures until remission. Contraindications are also hypersensitive to hyaluronic acid and the tendency to the formation of hypertrophic scars. Aesthetic medicine treatments can not be performed in pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.


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