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Nucleofill Medium from the Italian brand Promoitalia is a product for deep skin renewal and bio-restructuring. This innovative gel works simultaneously on three levels:


Buy Nucleofill Medium (1×1.5ml)

NUCLEOFILL STRONG 1×1,5ml – biostimulator used for deep renewal and bio-reconstruction of the skin. The product works on three levels: lifting, antioxidation and hydration.

NUCLEOFILL STRONG 1×1,5ml works at the cellular level, giving the effect of a clear and long lasting rejuvenation. NUCLEOFILL STRONG 1×1,5ml contains polynucleotides (concentration 2,5%) which stimulate the skin to rebuild in a three ways.

NUCLEOFILL STRONG 1×1,5ml stimulates the production of type I collagen, elastin, the formation of new blood vessels and the conversion of fibroblasts into myofibroblasts, which causes very strong lifting effect and improves skin density.

NUCLEOFILL STRONG 1×1,5ml is for those persons who want:

  1. Obtain a visible rejuvenation effect without interfering with facial features,
  2. Reduce the visibility of wrinkles, furrows and make the skin firmer,
  3. Using anti-aging prophylaxis,
  4. Minimize the effects of oxidative stress (air pollution, sun exposure, smoking, poor diet)
  5. Moisturize flaccid and dehydrated skin


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