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Teosyal Kiss is highly viscous with high filling capability for lips; suitable in reshaping lip contours, lip volume increase, mouth wrinkles, lip corner support and rehydrating.


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Manufactured in Switzerland by Teoxane Laboratories, Teosyal Kiss works to enhance the lips, restore volume, and treat wrinkles at the corners of the mouth. This dermal filler was adapted specifically for the mobility of the lips, with its highly elastic, cross-linked formula providing the strength and longevity needed to keep the lips perfectly plumped—no matter how much movement they are subjected to. Buy Teosyal Kiss Online

This facial filler is made with Teoxane’s NASHA Technology, which is comprised of a non-animal, stabilised form of hyaluronic acid. This makes Teosyal Kiss a highly biocompatible, long-lasting product, allowing for increased patient tolerability and better post-injection results.

Each box of Teosyal Kiss comes complete with 2 prefilled 1mL syringes, 2 sterile 27G½” needles, a package insert, and 2 traceability labels. Store the sterilised, fragile package between 2 and 25°C, and away from freezing temperatures and direct sunlight.

What is Teosyal Kiss?

Teosyal Kiss is indicated for the enhancement of the lips. This dermal filler may be used to add to the lips’ overall fullness and volume, reshape them, and hydrate them. Additionally, it may be used to treat wrinkles and lines at the corners of the mouth.

How does Teosyal Kiss work?

Throughout the ageing process, the skin and lips begin to lose their natural hyaluronic acid content. This causes the lips to become thin and dry, and the skin to become wrinkled and creased. However, by injecting Teosyal Kiss into the lips and the skin surrounding them, natural hyaluronic acid is restored, adding shape and volume to these areas.

The hyaluronic acid in this formula closely resembles that found in the body. However, due to the high mobility of the lip area, this viscoelastic gel has been cross-linked for added flexibility and longevity. On a cellular level, hyaluronic acid has an innate ability to retain water molecules, providing natural volume to the cells in the lips. Upon injection, Teosyal Kiss’s hyaluronic acid instantly increases the volume and hydration of the lip area, providing quick, visible, and natural-looking results.


Teyosal Kiss should be injected into the mucosa for the treatment of lips, and into the deep dermis for the correction of cutaneous depressions. To prevent adverse reactions and create desired results, only a licensed, trained medical professional may perform this procedure. The injector should have an understanding of aesthetic medicine, injection techniques, and facial anatomy.

Before beginning the injection process, the injection site must be properly cleansed and disinfected. Please note that this procedure should be carried out using the needles provided with the product.

Teosyal Kiss should be injected slowly into the deep dermis or mucosa using a linear threading injection technique. Too deep an injection will result in lessened duration of the product, while too superficial an injection may result in irregular correction. The amount of product to be used will depend on the level of correction required, although 2mL is the maximum quantity to be used per session.

According to the depth of the wrinkles or the volume of the lips to be treated, 1 to 3 treatment sessions may be necessary to obtain an optimal level of correction. Periodic touch-up sessions are recommended for upkeep.


The longevity of Teosyal Kiss may vary based on the patient’s age and lifestyle, as well as the treatment area. Generally, it has been found to last between 6 and 9 months. After that time, it is recommended to book maintenance treatments once or twice a year in order to preserve the patient’s desired results.


While Teosyal Kiss is suitable for most patients, certain individuals should not use this product. This includes women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, as well as those who are hypersensitive to hyaluronic acid. This lip filler should not be used in combination with chemical peels, laser treatments, or ultrasound technologies, or in conjunction with existing dermal implants.

Additionally, patients with a history of severe allergy or anaphylactic shock, autoimmune diseases, or cutaneous disorders should carefully consider their use of this filler. Any inflammation or infection at the treatment site must be cleared up before treatment ensues.


Although most patients react well to treatment with Teosyal Kiss, mild, injection-related side effects have been known to occur. However, these are minor in nature, and should clear themselves up within 1 week following treatment.

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