Buy Xeomin (1x100iu) Online


Xeomin (1x100iu)


Buy Xeomin (1x100iu) Online

XEOMIN is an effective drug that has been available by prescription since 2005, to treat pain in the head and neck pain symptoms that occur during Cervical Dystonia. It is also used to treat muscle spasms in the eyelid which is otherwise known as Blepharospasm. The Blepharospasm is usually an effect of Botox. Buy Xeomin (1x100iu) Online

How does Xeomin (1x100iu) work?

Once XEOMIN has been injected into the muscles, it starts to inhibit acetylcholine from being released. It is this chemical which makes fibers in the muscle to contract, so without acetylcholine, muscles will contract less, resulting in less spasms and discomfort to the individual.


In addition, it also treats chronic drooling (sialorrhea).

Finally, used to temporarily lessen the appearance of facial wrinkles (sometimes called “frown lines”) between the eyebrows.


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