Buy Ammi Crystal 1x1ml Online


Ammi Crystal 1x1ml

MO :  3 Boxes

Product Advantages

  • Highest level of gel elasticity
  • Highest viscosity level
  • Non lidocaine
  • Easy to bring into the derma
  • Cross-linked fibers ensure a long-lasting effect (up to one year)
  • Full CE certification 2195


Buy Ammi Crystal 1x1ml Online

Product Advantages

Product Purpose

Ammi Crystal is designed to fill the volume of areas on the face. It is suitable for filling in medium-deep, deep skin folds and facial contouring such as:

Description and Composition

The product is packaged in a syringe filled with gel containing hyaluronic acid (20 mg/ml) DOES NOT contain Lidocaine


1 syringe/1ml plus 2 x 27G needles


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