Buy Monovisc (1x4ml) Online


Monovisc (1x4ml)

An effective treatment for osteoarthritis of knee joints to cure patients from associated pain. The gel lubricant acts as a cushion between the bones.


Buy Monovisc (1x4ml) Online

MONOVISC is a unique achievement in the treatment of osteoarthritis. This is the only preparation in the form, which requires a single injection. It is aimed at improving the sliding of the articular surfaces, approving for the relief of joint pain and it is suitable for all synovial joints. In its turn, MONOVISC is specially designed for that single injection, within the frame of high-strength, safe and easy-to-use. Buy Monovisc (1x4ml) Online

MONOVISC is a sterile, pyrogen-free solution of sodium hyaluronate, with a light cross-intermolecular bond with a patented chemical cross-linking agent. It contains slightly sewn sodium hyaluronate (NaHA), dissolved in buffered phosphate in the osmotic concentration of the solution. In its turn, that solution is made from ultra-pure, high-molecular sodium hyaluronate, obtained by bacterial fermentation.

What is Monovisc (1x4ml)?

Just one injection of MONOVISC is needed to treat the symptoms of osteoarthritis. For the reason, when such a disease is treated with other preparations that improve the sliding of the joint surfaces, up to five injections may be required for the same effect.

Therefore, patients and specialists have outlined the following benefits of MONOVISC injection procedure:

  • It reduces the number of visits to the clinic
  • It reduces the costs and inconveniences of patients
  • It reduces the risk or side-effects associated with multiple injections.

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How does Monovisc (1x4ml) work?

The process of the procedure of MONOVISC injection is referred to as viscosupplementation. According to that term the problematic joints are supplemented with hyaluronic acid-based agent. Therefore, patients can be mobile again, being able to carry out their daily activities. Overall, this procedure is more effective than taking drugs. MONOVISC eliminates the pain from osteoarthritis for at least a half a year.

It should be emphasized that hyaluronic acid – a basis of MONOVISC – is absolutely natural substance from human body, so it shall be tolerated well after the injection. Properties of hyaluronic acid allow it to dissolve in the body during metabolism naturally.


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