Buy Pluryal Classic (1x1ml) Online


Pluryal Classic (1x1ml)

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Buy Pluryal Classic (1x1ml) Online

Designed to help women address issues such as loss of glow deep within their skin, or lack of firmness and elasticity, MD Skin Solutions have developed several solutions to help various signs of ageing. There is not one size that fits all, which is why the Pluryal range is specific to treat each individual according to the density of their wrinkles present.

The bottom line reassures women that results are always safe and natural, so although wrinkles can cause women stress, Pluryal can give you peace of mind that only the safest ingredients are used to achieve beautiful results.

What is Pluryal Classic (1x1ml)?

Pluryal is an HA skin rejuvenation product that contains zero animal-based ingredients and because of that, it can safely be injected into different areas of the skin. It was specially designed to be applied into the mid dermis and the lip mucosa for the purpose of:

The first part of the treatment consists of a single injection session which lasts about half an hour or even less. Results are instant and the achieved look is natural and smooth. Just like other hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, this one also dissolves into the skin. That is a very gradual process which takes 6-9 months with this product. To retain the effects of the first treatment, patients need to schedule maintenance visitations every few months.

How does Pluryal Classic (1x1ml) Work?

Pluryal is produced by Luxemburg-based company MD Skin Solutions and it is sold in a box containing two 1ml syringes. They have an ergonomic design, enabling medical professionals to deliver a more painless and effective injection treatment. Four 27G ½” needles, traceability labels and a package slip are also included.


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