Pluryal Volume Lidocaine 1x1ml ( 1x1ml)


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Pluryal Volume Lidocaine 1x1ml ( 1x1ml)

Hyaluronic acid in the cosmetics industry has been applied since 1982. This substance is found in creams, masks, and serums. When the skin begins to fade, loses its elasticity and volume, only the caring procedures become insufficient. The most effective and fast-acting tools for skin rejuvenation and correction of cosmetic deficiencies based on hyaluronic acid are injectable fillers.

Those who have never done an injection of hyaluronic acid, cosmetologists recommend soft and predictable dermal fillers, which are injected painlessly and do not cause complications after the procedure. So is the PLURYAL CLASSIC with LIDOCAINE. The product comes from Luxembourg, manufactured by “MD Skin Solutions”. The quality of the line of fillers PLURYAL corresponds to the European standards ISO 13485 and GMP.

What is Pluryal Volume Lidocaine 1x1ml?

PLURYAL CLASSIC with LIDOCAINE operates with lip augmentation and anti-wrinkle treatment. Thus, the agent is applied in the following face areas:

The effect of correcting wrinkles persists for 8-12 months. In its turn, increasing and changing the shape of the lips lasts six months. MesotherapyWorld Internet shop offers good price at PLURYAL CLASSIC with LIDOCAINE to buy it online, as well as fast shipping.

How does Pluryal Volume Lidocaine 1x1ml?

Before the procedure, the doctor must find out whether the patient has contraindications to injections of hyaluronic acid and allergies to lidocaine. Correction of age-related changes in the face and changes in the shape and volume of the lips are prohibited in such cases:

where to buy Pluryal Volume Lidocaine 1x1ml?

Side effects in the form of redness and swelling pass for 1-2 days, bruises – within 7-10 days. If undesirable effects do not disappear for a long time or if complications arise, the patient should consult a doctor.


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