Buy Teosyal Ultra Deep PureSense 2×1.2ml


Teosyal Ultra Deep PureSense 2×1.2ml

The latest Teosyal® PureSense range Hyaluronic Acid gels are the purest gel making them homogeneous with an incredible magical result giving patients the volume they long for. The gel formulation makes skin less susceptible to free radical degradation.


Buy Teosyal Ultra Deep PureSense 2×1.2ml

An independent study gets to the conclusion that Teosyal Ultra Deep PureSense and its basic edition Teosyal Ultra Deep are the longest lasting dermal fillers on the market. Therefore, you can enjoy the incredible results a little bit longer! 

Teosyal Ultra Deep PureSense is a safe, effective and biocompatible product based on purified cross-linked hyaluronic acid with non-animal origin. Hypersensitive and allergy risks are very small, because hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the skin. Its natural ability to retain water in skin cells is used in aesthetics in order to achieve facial rejuvenation and to restore skin hydro balance for a healthier skin. The injectable dermal filler has a formulation with reduced protein and bacterial endotoxin level and is appropriate even for sensitive skin.  With over ten million treatments carried out worldwide, Teosyal dermal fillers have proven its efficacy and safety profile. 

Teosyal Ultra Deep PureSense is a product of the world-famous aesthetic company Teoxane. It is a Swiss brand with extremely high quality of products and millions of satisfied customers around the world.  

Teosyal Ultra Deep PureSense is indicated for multiple micro-injections into the superficial or deep-dermal layer. The 27G needles require less injection force and the treatment is less painful for the patient. For easy and painless penetration the needles are lubricated and with special double bevel design.  

What is Teosyal Ultra Deep PureSense 2×1.2ml?

Teosyal Ultra Deep PureSense is used for: 

  • Restoring the volume and adding fullness to your face; 
  • Contouring your face; 
  • Ironing out deep wrinkles and folds; 
  • Correcting minor ptoses and restores the original curves of the face; 
  • Deep hydration and rejuvenation; 

How does Teosyal Ultra Deep PureSense 2×1.2ml Work?

In clinical trials, the majority of patients enjoy the effect of Teosyal Ultra Deep PureSense up to 18 months. Therefore, this is very individual and depends on many factors such as age, skin type, lifestyle, correction required, the technique used by practitioner, etc.  

Teosyal Ultra Deep PureSense is contraindicated in case of: 

  • Infection of the skin; 

Possible side effects: 

It is possible to feel some discomfort at the treated site. Redness, swelling and tenderness are common side effects but they solve within two or three days. 

Where to buy Teosyal Ultra Deep PureSense 2×1.2ml?


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