Sesderma Retiage Anti-Ageing Serum 40001734


Sesderma Retiage Anti-Ageing Serum 40001734

Minimum Quantity : 3 Boxes

Prevent and correct the signs of skin ageing caused primarily by chronological ageing: expression lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity, brightness and tone.


Sesderma Retiage Anti-Ageing Serum 40001734

The exclusive 3-Retinol system worked in a time-release format, where three types of retinoids encapsulated in liposomes and with different molecular weight, are slowly released into the deepest layers of skin in synergy with Hyaluronic Acid, Resveratrol, Peptides and plant-based Growth Factors in a perfect combination to delivers smoother, more even, and youthful complexion without irritations.

Full of antioxidants to provide a natural glow while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


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